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Richard the Lionheart Shield
Historically accurate
Bronzed steel embossing

Weight: 10lbs
Height: 31 1/2"
Width: 18"


Elektra: Sai pair in Display Box

Used with skill & precision, Elektra’s weapon of choice is the multi-faceted Sai. The Sai can be used as a projectile, to block, strike, cut, thrust, and it becomes evident why it is favored by Elektra (played by Jennifer Garner). Limited proudly offers this replica pair of Elektra’s Sai in a stunning display box with a limited number of a 1000 pieces. Now you can own a piece of Elektra! These are really awesome! Only a small number left before they sell out.


Elektra: Arm band

A martial arts prodigy, a mercenary for hire. The armband of Elektra sums up the character in one word, Assassin. Limited offers a piece of the movie with the exact replica of the armband worn by the legendary assassin Elektra (played by Jennifer Garner). Crafted with an adjustable leather arm-strap, this stainless steel piece with visible Japanese characters with a limited number of 1500 pieces makes for a great accessory. Now you can wear a piece of Elektra!


Elektra: Pendant

Nothing to remember her mother by except memories and a precious family heirloom, a necklace handed down from generation to generation. Given to Elektra (played by Jennifer Garner) by her mother on her deathbed, it is the one treasure in the world Elektra cannot live without. Limited proudly offers a stunning detailed replica of Elektra’s heirloom necklace that she so dearly cherished. Crafted from sterling steel, the rectangular charm comes with a 23 inch chain and is a must-have for the serious Elektra fan. Now you can own a piece of Elektra!



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